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How to Make Play Dough CP Soap, Videos and Tips & Tricks

How to Make Play Dough CP Soap 

How to make Play Dough CP
Part 1

The thing to keep in mind. There are a number of different recipes for making sculpt-able soap.  Each person that creates/discovers a recipe will have their own technique for creating their recipe. 

The recipe I use,  Does Not require being wrapped with plastic wrap while it is in the mold

I strongly suggested when creating any recipe for the first time to follow it completely. 
Once you get familiar with the different recipe/s you will then find the one that works for you.

Wrap with Plastic Wrap to prevent Soda Ash

Don't insult/wrap the mold to force gelling.  Gelling changes the texture of the Play Dough CP Soap

This recipe works
With each slight change you made to this recipe, it
Will change the outcome

How to make Play Dough CP
Part 2

The recipe is in the files section of my Facebook Group page: 
Soap by Kick it Up a Notch

Play Dough CP Soap
Tips & Trick

Learning Curve, I learned that I could work with soft/fresh soap.  Creating soap balls and roses.  I have since been able to get it to work much like fondant in the videos I watch on the web.

I would take the fresh/soft soap from each batch and play with it to see if I could make
soap balls for embeds. 

I kept a journal of each recipe, good & bad.  Over time I started to realize what was the best to work with as Play Dough CP Soap constantly. 

Then I started trying to make Soap Roses by Hand.,

Through trial and error I learned how to get the Play Dough to play nice. I kept notes as to how different recipes would allowed for a smooth texture, lump free and not too sticky.

The recipe is just a guideline of one recipe that works well for Play Dough CP Soap.

I would suggest trying your fresh soap and finding out if it soft enough to make your own Play Dough Soap.

I use Soap Calc to create my recipes:
 Soap Calc:

Some Variations of Oils:
Palm Oil. could be replaced with Tallow
Canola Oil, high oleic could be replaced with Crisco

Things I noticed:

1) Use EO & FO Sparely as they can make your Play Dough CP Soap Sticky

2) When I Shave/cut off the top and the dry edges I had least lumps to break down

3) Corn Starch is great for working with sticky soap

4) When I wipe my hands with a damp cloth to clean them and then handle the soap it smoothed out the surface of my project that I was working on.

5) If I wrapped the soap and keep the air off of it, it was soft the next day. Over time I learned that it stay soft for a very long time.

6) I could use a brush and a little water to clean off the surface of my project of the corn starch that I had use

7) When attaching pieces of soap I could use water

8)  I would then let it cure as usual once I was done with my project.